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Ward & Associates is a Boston law firm.

Mr. Ward, founder and president of the firm, literally wrote the book on evictions and landlord and tenant law: Massachusetts Landlord-Tenant Practice: Law and Forms.

Mr. Ward's second book in the series: Massachusetts Landlord-Tenant Practice: Law and Forms - Security Deposits and Last Month's Rent is a detailed very comprehensive 40-page book which focuses on solving the security deposit issues of residential owners and managers of property in Massachusetts. See the banner to the right to learn more about this invaluable book and to order it now.

We concentrate in real estate law, landlord and tenant law, residential and commercial evictions and leasing, civil litigation, condominium law, accident claims and other areas listed above under the Areas of Practice pull down menu.

Please note we do not ordinarily represent residential tenants. However, if the matter involves personal injury, we would consider the facts and make a case-by-case determination.

We are dedicated to helping clients first avoid legal troubles with proper legal planning and then dedicated to helping our clients successfully overcome legal problems which proved unavoidable. ©

Our firm works hard for each client to bring our in-depth experience to bear consistently in each situation.

We review the facts and pertinent law. Then we advise the client as to our opinion of the most cost-effective path to pursue to resolve the client's problems. Sometimes this involves non-litigation action even if the client has been sued. However, many times litigation is unavoidable. If so, we pursue the litigation imaginatively and relentlessly until we resolve the client's problems, keeping in mind strategies which may end litigation early.

G. Emil Ward, has practiced law for thirty-three years in Massachusetts. Mr. Ward is licensed in the state and federal courts of Massachusetts.

G. Emil Ward is not just the head of litigation, but he is an author, consultant and lecturer in law as well.

Over the past thirty-three years, the members of the firm of Ward & Associates have been active in most areas of real estate law. Click on the pull down menu above under Areas of Practice to view the details of this work.


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