Disability insurance is available through private insurance companies to both self-employed persons or to employees of large companies under large employer-sponsored disability plans. The purpose of disability insurance is to replace income which a person may lose when he or she is absent from work or absent from his or her profession due to covered injury or covered illness.

Just as with insurance coverage for a home that may have caught fire, disability insurance companies also contest the claims of their insureds to illness or an injury which prevents them from earning an income. Needless to say, the disabling illness or injury is emotionally and financially traumatic, especially when the person affected is the primary breadwinner of the family. But, when the back-up plan of substitute income to be provided through the disability policy is suddenly pulled out from under the family by an unreasonable refusal to pay the desperately needed income benefits, the effect is devastating. This is when you need a law firm well versed in disability law to fight for those much needed benefits. Ward & Associates has been very successful with its clients who have been refused payment of their disability benefits when the insurance carrier refuses to recognize the legitimacy of the illness or injury.

We have achieved very good results especially regarding clients who are afflicted with Meuniere's Disease. We work with the premiere doctors and psychologists in this area. We have fully accomplished our clients' goals of obtaining and keeping disability benefits coming in for years.

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Regarding these cases we would quote fees on an hourly or contingent basis.

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