When the economy worsens property owners sometimes become unable to pay their mortgages. While no lender uses foreclosure as the first step in its attempts to collect timely payments for its mortgage, when a borrower falls in arrears for too long, foreclosure usually becomes necessary. When attempts at these types of workouts fail, foreclosure is usually the only recourse a lender has. Typically, from the first notice of delinquency to the foreclosure sale the process takes approximately four months. As an alternative to foreclosure, our firm has arranged workouts for delinquent mortgages and deeds in lieu of foreclosures.

Ward & Associates has performed many foreclosures having worked as foreclosure counsel for Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency now known as MassHousing where we were retained to foreclose properties in cities and towns in much of Massachusetts. Additionally, our firm was required to do the relevant bankruptcy work attendant upon many foreclosures. Often borrowers file for bankruptcy protection once we begin the foreclosure process. The filing creates an automatic stay of all collections actions which temporarily bars any further proceedings, including foreclosure. This necessitates our obtaining relief from automatic stay and other involvement in the bankruptcy proceedings as lender's counsel. We arrange for service of complaints, publication, auctioneers and drafting and recording of appropriate pre- and post-foreclosure documents.

For a separate fee, Ward & Associates will pursue post-foreclosure evictions. Please contact us for further details regarding our experience, procedures and fees if your borrowers have stopped paying their debt to you.

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