As lender’s counsel Ward & Associates acts on behalf of the bank when the bank makes a loan secured by real estate. Whether the loan is to refinance a property or for the purchase of a property, our firm reviews the status of the title for outstanding liens and possible defects. We ascertain the taxes which must be paid at closing, and we ascertain all encroachments where required. Ward & Associates then clears up any title issues. We work closely with the buyers/borrowers, attorneys, sellers and brokers to schedule a convenient and fast closing. We generally accomplish this in ten days. For a nominal fee we will draft a deed, trust, or declaration of homestead where requested.

We know banks and borrowers want prompt, effective service with hassle-free closings. We strive toward this goal with every closing. Our twenty-five years of experience in closing loans for lenders helps assure this goal is reached.

We are a title agent issuing title insurance policies for CATIC and First American Title Insurance Company. Our malpractice insurance is $1,000,000.00. Some of the lenders with whom we are affiliated are Washington Mutual Bank, Primary Residential Mortgage and Long Beach Mortgage, to name a few. Please click the "Our Clients" button to review a more extensive list of lenders for whom we work, both past and present.

Please contact us for a consultation regarding a real estate closing you may have in the near future.

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