There is no doubt by now that anyone interested in buying real estate has heard that old saying: "Buying a home will be the largest and most important investment you will ever make." This is just as true today as when the saying first came into vogue.

Ward & Associates has been helping people buy and sell real estate for over thirty-two years. This includes residential rental property, single-family homes, multi-family homes and commercial property.

We are also title insurance agents for CATIC. In that capacity over the past thirty-two years we have closed many loans for a number of different lenders.

Many people ask why they should have an attorney to represent them when they are buying a house, because the bank is making them pay for an attorney already. Our standard response is simple: many buyers purchasing their first home or rental property do not realize that the lender's attorney does not represent the buyer. That attorney represents the lender's interests.

The small amount of money that you pay to an attorney to protect your interests from start to finish in a real estate transaction is generally less than 0.2% of the price of the average single-family or the multi-family property.

That is a very low cost to assure that all goes well with the largest investment you will probably ever make.

If an issue arises between the buyer and seller at the early stages of the transaction, for example in negotiation of the offer to purchase, the down payment, the closing date, with respect to the items to be sold by the seller to the buyer, or in extending the mortgage commitment deadline, the lender's attorney would play no part in those negotiations, because unless the lender's attorney also represents the buyers, that help would be outside of the work the lender's attorney contracted to do.

Crafting the language of inspection contingencies or special provisions, for example, provisions which allow for the sellers to remain on the property a short time after closing, or which allow the buyers to negotiate the inclusion of certain repairs in the purchase price, are tasks best left to an attorney dedicated to protecting the interests of the buyers. Additionally, these tasks also come up BEFORE the lender's attorney enters the picture.

Further, with respect to any potential credit problems, where the lender's attorney represents only the lender, the lender's attorney would not handle any of these issues for the buyer. Issues which may jeopardize the buyer's deposit such as delays in obtaining loan approval would not be handled by the bank's attorney, unless the lender's attorney also represented the buyer, which can happen.

The above tasks are part of the services which Ward & Associates offers a buyer. Our firm seeks to protect the buyer's interests from the moment they wish to make the offer, through the loan approval process, including reviewing the numbers of the transaction before closing, attending the closing, and explaining the documents to the buyer.

Similar services are offered to the sellers of properties from the point where an offer is about to be accepted or has been accepted through the closing process, transfer of keys and receipt of sale proceeds.

For professional buyers and sellers, or for those who cannot be present at closing, we obtain the numbers of the transaction beforehand. We prepare the appropriate documents, have them executed overseas and conduct the closings with the appropriate authorizations, in the absence of some sellers or buyers, all according to Massachusetts conveyancing standards. We have conducted closings for the various parties where the buyers or sellers were in China or Switzerland for example.

Even greater protections are offered by our firm to buyers and sellers of commercial property in that the dollar values involved usually far exceed the size of the average residential transaction.

Our firm does its due diligence for the buying or selling corporation, partnership, LLC, or other business entity. We check E-21 issues. We check title issues and we make certain that a seller or buyer receives nothing less than what the signed contract calls for at the end of the day.

Please contact us to discuss the services we may provide to you in the purchase or sale of real estate in Massachusetts and our fees for doing so.

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