“We hired Ward & Associates to get rid of several grossly inflated mechanics’ liens which had no legal basis. As Mr. Ward predicted, he dissolved all of the liens. Ward & Associates was very aggressive in defeating the liens which had held our construction project hostage. Our losses would have been even higher had Mr. Ward not moved so effectively and expeditiously. We highly recommend his services to any and all who are in need of excellent legal advice and representation.”

Herbert Riggs, President RJRB, Inc.


“Being one of the largest lenders in the country, it is important for us to be able to count on everyone involved in the mortgage transaction and this is why we trusted our Massachusetts closings to the Law Firm of Ward & Associates. We previously worked with Ward & Associates for about six years as our exclusive closing attorneys in Massachusetts. In that time the firm gave us nothing but great service. Our titles were always done quickly, Ward & Associates had very flexible scheduling making it easy for buyers and sellers to come to closing early or even late in the day to accommodate work schedules. They were always easily accessible whenever we needed information on the loan. They were always available to consult on title problems which arose. My borrowers have reported to me that they felt comfortable working with the law firm and felt as though they were in good hands, and we are always confident that our clients were treated in a professional manner. The attorney's fees were reasonable, the firm was very user-friendly and their office is centrally located on State Street in Boston.” I would personally recommend any buyer, seller or lender to try Ward & Associates and they will never go elsewhere to handle their real estate needs. Once again thank you, Ward & Associates, for all of your dedication, hard work and late nights that allowed us to grow and be the successful Company that we are.”

Allen W. Coffin, Sr.
Primary Residential Mortgage Corp.
Woodstock, Connecticut
Former Client



“Ward & Associates handled an eviction of a tenant for us whose antics had brought us to the point of anger, confusion, and extreme frustration before we hired Ward & Associates. Ward & Associates apprised us of relevant law. They were persistent in the eviction. It cost exactly what Ward & Associates predicted that it would, which was within our budget. The tenant vacated when Mr. Ward said he would and under the terms predicted by Attorney Ward. We were very satisfied with the firm’s services. Hiring Ward & Associates was well worth the money.”

Shawn McGrath



“I would highly recommend Ward & Associates to anyone in need of legal assistance with an employee disability insurance claim. In mid-1997, after having received disability claim payments for several years from my employer’s insurance company, the insurance company abruptly stopped all payments on my claim for no apparent reason.....stating that they no longer considered me to be totally disabled, and that I could return to work. This left me with no income at all, and no medical and life insurance from my company group policy. I began using up my own savings for living expenses, and to pay for COBRA medical insurance. My disability was caused by an ongoing case of Meuniere's Disease from which I had difficulty with my hearing and balance, and was in a continual state of dizziness and lightheadedness that greatly reduced my ability to concentrate to the degree required to perform my usual activities of an engineer or any serious employment. After some very stressful weeks, my primary physician referred me to Emil Ward. Emil quickly reviewed my medical records, and took the case. He immediately began correspondence with the insurance company and with my several doctors, and the necessary medical tests were arranged that proved my disability. Emil was always patient, accessible, informative, and professional throughout this case in our many phone conversations and discussions. I can not imagine that I could have gotten a better attorney anywhere. In early 1998, the insurance company gave in and reinstated my claim. They renewed sending my monthly disability checks and sent me a check for all my previously unpaid benefits. Ward & Associates got me everything that anyone could have gotten in this case, and I will always be grateful to them for that.”

Tom Tuttle

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